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Daniel has been active in Agility and dog sports for most of his life.  He entered his first competitive event at the age of eight!  At 25, he has accomplished what most people only dream about.  A personable, naturally perceptive, fun and energetic trainer, Daniel can help you devise a training plan that will help you achieve your goals with your dog and have a great time on the journey!  He will help you set reasonable goals, both short and long term and re-visit as necessary.

Like his mother, Bonnie (co-owner/trainer at Sonlight), Daniel’s early start was with horses.  At 18 months he was riding on a lunge line (before he could talk well!).  His balance and timing were remarkable!  One need only watch him handle to see this has not changed.

Daniel’s training philosophy and techniques have evolved over the years with his own style continuing to develop.  Like Bonnie, Daniel does not follow a “rules” or “systems-based” approach.  Notable influences include Ann Brau, Chris Parker, Stuart Mah and of course Bonnie.  Daniel believes that to stay on top he must continue to study and grow in the sport.  He does not believe in the “one-size-fits-all” approach and works with his students to support their individual needs and those of their dogs.  There are many factors that influence handling abilities including dog factors (age, breed, health issues) and human factors (age, health/mobility issues).   A natural encourager, Daniel will help you reach your full potential!

In addition to Agility, Daniel has trained and titled dogs in Obedience, Herding & Rally.  He has also handled several dogs in the Conformation Ring but Agility is his clear passion.  Let him help you discover the most fun that you can have with your canine friend!

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Student comment:  “…Fun, enthusiastic, tireless and supportive with experience and maturity beyond his years makes Daniel a great instructor!”

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