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Class Rates for Agility, Obedience & Rally for Competition

All classes are a minimum of 1 hr in length.  Most are 90 min but can be as long as 2 hrs.  Price is $20 per class listed on calendar that month if paid in full the first class of the month OR $25 per class to "drop in" IF space is available.  There is NO credit for classes missed (other than weather misses where the $20 credit will roll over to the next month).  If there are 4 class days in a month the class price for that month would be $80.  If you skipped the first class you could pay the $80 to maintain your spot in the class OR if drop ins were available, $25 for the remaining 3 classes you attended for a total of $75.  If there were 5 classes in the month the rate paid on the first class day of the month would be $100.  If you missed the first class you would still end up paying $100 because the drop in rate is $25 per class.  

Drop In Policy

Preference given to current students. Other drops in with permission, space permitting

Private Lessons (1-3 persons/dogs)

$60 for 55 minutes of training.  One person and up to 3 dogs

$10 Each additional person (and their dog;  2 people and 3 dogs would be $70.  

3 people and 3 dogs would be $80)

$40 for 30 minutes of training.  One person and their dogs,( Additional person & dog would be $5 up to a total of 3 for $50)

Focus Group (4 or more people)

Create your own "Class" to work on whatever you wish with the people you wish to train with.  

$25 per person per hour, minimum of 4 people.  FB Message or e-mail to set up.

Barn Hunt Rates

Same as Private Lesson & Focus Groups listed above

Current Student Defined

1) Taking one monthly class or

2) Taking two private lessons per month or

3) Being a member of a regularly scheduled Focus Group


$60 per billable hour spent working for you.  You can direct max amount of time.  Depending on the complexity, generally I can analyze 6 runs in one hour.  Less complex, more runs, more complex, fewer.  

Instructional Videos are already available so these are mostly "attach & send".  For more information e-mail me with your questions and concerns.  I work with highly successful students from all over the USA & outside the USA.  I would love to be a part of helping you to meet your goals! 


Available to Current Students ONLY.  Hours most week days & weekends. Elevate your success with extra training in a safe environment on trial agility equipment FB Message or e-mail to set up time.


$15 for students that have DROPPED IN to a Class within that month

See Calendar for latest classes           November


Training Available at all levels by Private Lesson or Focus Group (See current rates)  Facebook (FB) message or E-mail me to set up a training session



Offered Twice Yearly, taught in two 7 Wk Sessions.  Price $150 per session.  A minimum of 5 students is required to hold the class.  Additional Foundation Classes throughout the year can be added if you can form the required 5 students

Some students/dogs MAY be eligible to enter at Session 2 if the handler has prior Agility experience.  FB message or e-mail me if you have questions


OBEDIENCE & RALLY   (e-mail NOW if interested)

I currently offer one combined class (see the monthly calendar) that is aimed at those interested in earning titles with their dogs 

(This is not Pet Obedience or Household manners).

Behavior Issues and Pet Obedience

Available by Private lesson or Focus Group (rates on right).  FB Message or E-mail me for information or to set up a private lesson

Tracking & Scent Work Classes

Group class coming this Fall.  Currently available by Private lesson or Focus Group.  FB message or e-mail to set up.

Schedule / Prices                     


Available to Current Students ONLY.  Generous hours to utilize the facilities to train your dog in a safe environment on maintained trial equipment.  Training Memberships may also utilize the pasture to run their dogs, practice obedience in that area or just relax under the trees in the shade!

$50 per month for a CURRENT MONTHLY STUDENT for one dog.  $10 for the first additional dog and $5 for each dog beyond the two.


$600 a day (8 hrs) Plus expenses (lodging, travel, food, handouts etc)

Topic include Foundation, Problem Solving (fixing a "Cracked Foundation"), Distance, Games & Strategy, Conquering Ring Nerves, Planning Your Course (with proven memorization aids), International Handling, Specialty Handling ("differently abled" handlers or mobility impaired individuals), Speeding Up ANY Dog, Relationship Games & MORE!

Please visit my Bio for numerous accomplishments with multiple dogs of multiple breeds as well as the many accomplishments of my students.  Fame does NOT necessarily indicate the ability to teach others!

GIFT Certificates are available for classes or Training Memberships