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Sonlight Ranch Mission Statement

Sonlight Ranch is committed to standards of excellence and innovation. We dedicate ourselves to Christ in the pursuit of athletic excellence and distinction. With God and integrity as our foundation, we serve others through investing into their long term success while developing enduring relationships with our clients.

Our Core Values

Our Vision Statement

To be a premier canine events facility that offers diversified and top notch training opportunities across a large spectrum of dog-sports.

Operational Practices & Student Relationships

We offer training to all persons regardless of their personal beliefs in a supportive environment reflected by our philosophy outlined above. Although a Christian organization we do not “preach” to our clients other than by the example of our lives and how we conduct ourselves.

Workers for events held at our facility are compensated in reduced entry fees based on the jobs that are per-formed. These workers first come from our current student base and if necessary, we employ outside of that student base.

There are no requirements for training here other than a desire to learn and excel to the extent possible and a positive manner in working with both their dog and in their dealing with other students and our staff. Intolerance and negative or punitive training techniques (once pointed out) will not be tolerated. We believe that dog training should be FUN & UPLIFTING to both the student and their dog!

Bill McDonald


Bonnie McDonald

Training Director/Manager